Object Revolution

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How the introduction of 3D Printing into manufacturing will bring fourth the next industrial revolution, by which it will continue to affect countless industries by broadening our minds to create new design tools for medicine, toys & games, housing, and technology manufacturing, etc..

Object Revolution was about spreading the word about 3D Printing and letting people see for there self about the wonder that is 3D Printing. This is just a taste of the large amount of support material that was available at the exhibit when people got the chance to get hands on with a working 3d printer for their first time.

** This was the magazine spread (1 of 2) that posed the question 'What is 3D Printing?'. The magazine was on display next to the 3D Printer for people grab if they became interested in learning more about the science and technology behind 3D Printing. **

** In this magazine spread (2 of 2) it talked about the technology behind 3D printing and also some of the history of how 3D printing came into existence. The spread also covered some of the possible use cases for 3D printing in the future of medicine. **

** Posters representing the practicality of 3D printing and how it can be used in your life today. **